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Knitted Wedding cake

on February 26, 2014

I recently received a letter from my cousin whom I hadn’t spoken to for over 10 years. What a nice surprise!

Her daughter is getting married in June this year. I remember her as a little girl. I cannot believe how quickly time goes by.

Feeling a little happy with the news, I decided to knit a wedding cake.

This is something I always wanted to make; a knitted cake. Originally, I planned to add knitted flowers and make it more colourful, but, I changed my mind during the assembly process and made it quite simple. I thought the couple on the top may stand out more this way.

I wrapped the cake with knitted ribbon and made a bow on top.

I thought about inserting a cardboard, but I managed to make the base flat without it. I like my knitted items nice and soft without cardboard, wires or glue.

I would like to do a book on knitted gifts someday. “Seasons and occasions”, my file says at this moment. It is nice to knit something for your friends and family to celebrate happy moments together.

Many years ago, when I was living in New York, I once visited a shop which sells baking equipment for professional bakers. It is such an exciting shop. You can find literally anything to open a bakery.

There I heard a couple of girls talking to a shop assistant.
They said they wanted to make a wedding cake for their friend and needed large baking tins. But they had never baked a cake in their lives before, they said. Could it be that difficult?

I hope they did all right with the cake.
Even the cake didn’t turn out too nice, I am sure the bride appreciated her friends’ effort.

7 responses to “Knitted Wedding cake

  1. I don’t think I can say awwwww enough! so cute 🙂

  2. chrissieknits says:

    That’s an absolute masterpiece! I think you be asked to make a few more this spring!

  3. knitsbysachi says:

    I think you can just knit the couple for a smaller gift, too.

  4. Elva Elliott says:

    Absolutely beautiful & great stitching. I love your work. Keep it up.

  5. cwedler says:

    So cute!!!

  6. sandisun says:

    this is wonderful

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