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Knitting miles and knitting hours

on February 12, 2014

I have recently registered to this program, KnitMeter. You count the mileage of your knitting and add to your blog on your sidebar as a widget. I wonder how much yarn I have used for my knitting so far in my life. I may have traveled around the world!

You can register here:

I need to start counting.

Once I heard that to be able to become proficient in one sport, you need to practice it regularly for 10 years or 14,000 hours.

Yes, that long.

I did a bit of calculation the other day on my boys’ Karate hours.

They have been practicing Karate and kickboxing for 10 years. I would say average twice a week. They may have done more if I include extra weekend workshops and gradings, but for simple maths, let’s say two hours a week.

2 x 52 weeks = 104 hours per year.

104 hours x 10 years = 10,400 hours.

Not bad. That is 433 days.

They have done Karate for 433 solid days without eating or sleeping.

What do I do when they are at the lessons? I sit in a corner of the room and knit.

So, I have knitted at least for 433 days non stop, but of course, I knit far more than two hours a week. Scary.

I know it is just numbers. But numbers can be quite fun sometimes.

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