knits by sachi


on February 1, 2014

My son needed to submit all his art work for his GCSE yesterday.

This is what you need to do if you are taking Art in secondary school.

  • Year 10
    • Still life
    • starting with simple objects and move on to painting your own design. Modern classic and pop art study
      He won the National Student Award for this piece although he now finds it immature.
      It was displayed in the gallery in London and we went to see it last summer.

    • Sea life
    • Starting with pencil drawing and experiment different medias and techniques; pastel, water colour, ink etc. My son even had a go at mixing wallpaper paste and ink. Modern artist study.


  • Year11
    • Portrature

    Pencil, ink, water colour. Study on modern artists.
    I don’t know how many portraits he produced, but I know he enjoyed doing them. First, he was told to draw his face(left) and also had a go at someone else’s. He recommends to choose someone young, otherwise, you will end up running out of time like this.
    He also drew some of his favorite people. I wonder if you recognize them.

    He needed to arrange all his work on large paper with his articles on each artist. He had about 10 of these collections. He stayed up until 2 am on Thursday.
    The large amount of work was so heavy and his art folder was ripping at the sides, threatening to spill its content all over the wet pavement on the way to school.
    So I gave him a lift.

    Art GCSE is not for the faint hearted.

    4 responses to “Art GCSE

    1. Clare says:

      Incredible work! Now I remember why I decided against doing GCSE art many years ago…I love drawing but my little doodles just wouldn’t cut it! Thank you so much for sharing your son’s work – I’m sure he’ll get a fantastic mark.

      • knitsbysachi says:

        Thank you so much, Clare. He has been making a lot of effort. When I was in school, art was a bit of a break from other academic subjects, but his art GCSE seems the toughest subject of all.

        • Clare says:

          The creative subjects often are. I actually used to teach music in a secondary school until a few years ago, and it is exactly the same with music! It takes a lot of time, energy and patience to undertake a subject like that, but the rewards are great – often in areas that you don’t think about. I really love his work and hope he gets a top mark 🙂

    2. knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you, Clare. He is still working hard. He needs 10 more points to get A* as the final result, he says. But his work is always A*s for me.

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