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Knitting rhyme

on January 29, 2014

My boys spent their early years in the Steiner school in South east England.

In Steiner education, children spend a lot time in art, music and handwork.

Handwork? Yes, they did hand dyeing, spinning and weaving, felting, sewing, cross stitching and of course, they learned to knit and crochet.

First lesson: make your tool.

They made their own knitting needles with wood sticks and beads. Wood beads! What a nice idea.

Then you learn this rhyme.

In goes the huntsman (insert a knitting needle on your right hand)
Round the tree goes the dog (yarn around the needle)
Out pops the rabbit (take the yarn through the loop)
And off we go (pull the yarn out)

Isn’t it sweet? There are other versions of knitting rhymes, but this one my children taught me is my favorite.

My younger son made this when he was about 10.


He struggled a little when he was knitting. The stitches became tighter and tighter for some reason. I gave him a slightly larger needle and he alternated with the needle he was originally using. It worked well.

I think he made a rather sweet looking cat.

2 responses to “Knitting rhyme

  1. Cheryl says:

    How cute is that! Art,music and crafts are great to learn in school. I would have loved that. I learned crafting at day camp in the summer monthes.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      I heard that if you learn to play music instrument before age of 7, you will develop high IQ. Children should be learning music, art and craft rather than English and Maths when they are little, don’t you think?

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