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Astringent persimmon?

on January 27, 2014

Have you ever tasted “Astringent persimmon”?
We just came across one the other day. I didn’t buy it on purpose of course, it happened to be the one.

You may be wondering what astringent means. Well, it is a bit difficult explain. Someone said “the entire inside of my mouth felt as if it was on the beach in a windstorm blasted by sand.”

Close. It is gritty and quite horrible. Your mouth goes into a bit of a shock as if it is anesthetized.

We call these persimmons “Shibu gaki” in Japan and we are very familiar with them. We dry them outside in winter.
images (2).jpg1

You end up with sweet dry fruits. These are my favorite.

My sister in Tokyo recently made some at home.

The first day: you need to get the right kind. Funny thing is you need use astringent type. They are a bit pointy at the end, but could be difficult to tell. We can get them at supermarket in Japan just like cooking apples.

securedownload (1).jpg3

And Hang them outside.
securedownload (2)

And wait.
securedownload (6)

And about 2 weeks, you get these.

You need cold, dry and sunny weather. Not in England, I guess…
I think you can dry them in a low heated oven and I would love to try making some at home.
But I haven’t come across the gritty persimmons again unfortunately.

2 responses to “Astringent persimmon?

  1. lmjapan says:

    My mom loves persimmons but she never made these astringent types. Probably because Southern California is too humid. Very interesting post.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Dried persimmons are so yummy. My mother used to make them. They make me nostalgic. It is a shame we can’t buy those horribly gritty persimmons in shops here in the UK.

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