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More art homework

on January 11, 2014

More art homework

My 16 year old just received some GCSE results and mock exams results. He has been working very hard and doing well.

But I am surprised with the volume of work he needs to do for his art GCSE. He has been producing many portraits recently and, he is still working on another one just now as I write this.

He was given an assignment to draw a very old looking man. He is drawing every single wrinkle on his face. It will take quite some time to finish this piece at this pace.

But I think he enjoys it. Art gives him time off from his immediate worries.

I often wonder what sort of student life he would be living if we had stayed in Tokyo. He would be certainly spending more time on academic subjects as maths and sciences. He would never be able to spend this much time for his art.

Some are concerned of academic level of students in the UK. I think it is true that compared to Asian countries, we may be a little behind. Exam boards are worried about this and desperately trying to make changes.

But in Asia, they have their own problems concerning child education and development. Those may be much more serious than ours.

My husband and I were educated in Japan, but we chose to bring up our children here.

I would like my sons to enjoy many different subjects and discover their talents.

He can be 16 only once in his life time.

2 responses to “More art homework

  1. Julie Henn says:

    What a talented family!!! Such talent for a 16 year old! I’m really enjoying seeing all yours and your son’s creations! Thank-you for sharing. =^..^=

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you, Julie. He has been working hard. His target level is A*, but he is still not quite there yet. He has got so much to do. But he likes art and he has decided to take A level as well.

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