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Knitters need to be fit

on January 10, 2014

Knitters need to be fit

I do not like excise. I am generally a lazy person.

I can be sitting and knitting all day long if I am allowed. Or write patterns on my PC. But I have been excising last 12 years or so to keep myself fit and well.

So I can knit more.

I have a weekly workout plan. Well, not really, but I just go to fitness classes.

Monday: Piloxing
Tuesday: Swim (or no workout day)
Wednesday: 15 min cardio and 45 min Bodypump
Thursday: Advanced Step
Friday: Swim
Saturday: Aerobics and Body conditioning
Sunday: Bodypump

I just tried this new class called “Piloxing”. It is a mix of Boxercise and Pilates. We shadow box with music as we do some Pilates balancing moves in between. I will have a go for a while.

If you are not too keen on excising like me, it is a very good idea to join fitness classes. It is not boring, you get to socialize with other people and it is actually fun!

If you have decided to get yourself more fit or lose weight this year,
*Join a friendly gym, not too posh and not too big. You don’t need to dress up to look the part.
*Try fitness classes and give yourself a few lessons. Try good 8 weeks or so.
*Make a weekly plan.
*Get your workout into routine. When the time comes, grab your bag and leave the house.

See, when you are in the class, half the job is done by the instructor. She/He will tell you what to do and you don’t need to think what to do next.

It is important to give yourself a good trial period. You may not like the class the first time, but it may grow on you. The first time when I tried the Advanced Step class, I almost cried and I hated every minute of it. But now, I am hooked on it and enjoy it very much.

Now, I am off to swim.


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