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Knit toy designing tips

on January 8, 2014

Knit toy designing tips

Designing a knit toy from scratch takes a little practice. You may need to have many trials and errors. But making your own designs is truly rewarding, and it will take your toy making one step further.

For many years, I knitted toys with ready made patterns and didn’t even dreamed of making my own designs. I searched and bought all toy patterns and books, and knitted hundreds of toys. I think I learned so much from other designers. They have helped me to build the foundation of my knit toy making.

My favorite is Debbie Bliss.
You can find the mice and elephant patterns in her book “Toy Knits”. I fell in love with her books many years ago and I am hooked on knitting toys ever since.

Making changes on published patterns is a good place to start if you would like to design your own. You have an idea of the size and the shape from the pattern. Draw a picture of your toy and improvise the pattern.

You can also change the size of toys. Some toy designs you can find in books and magazines are quite large. You could use finer yarn and finer needles to make it smaller, but how about changing the pattern yourself?

If you are to knit a M size jumper with L size pattern, you would decrease stitches and rows, yes? You can do the same thing for toys. If you want your toy to be about 70% of the original, you just use 70% of stitches and rows.
You may need to add some changes to the pattern, but you should be able to achieve the size you wanted.

My first rather gorgeously decorated elephant.

And I made this smaller one by decreasing stitches and rows by half.

When things don’t go quite right, you may think you have wasted a lot of time. But you haven’t. Because next time you will do it much better!

My first design: knitted dogs.


3 responses to “Knit toy designing tips

  1. Love your elephants, love elephants in all sizes! 🙂

  2. sandisun says:

    I just love um glad I found you…get knittin up….. ☺

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