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Wonderful Christmas card

on December 24, 2013

As always, I have received nice Christmas cards this year.

One of my favorites is from Japan, and it looks like this.

Isn’t it beautiful? The gate in the picture is the famous one in Asakusa temple in Tokyo. The card is published by Greeting life inc., and you can see more of their designs on their website;

They have a series of greeting card designs with these tiny little Santa visiting all over Japan.
The cards are so beautiful and cute, I just want to collect them all.

Looking at one of these Santa cards, my son once said “How can the Santa visit all houses with children? This is more realistic.”
He was just starting to have a doubt about the existence of the Santa. Funny.

I received this card in a post from my friend. It is hand drawn with crayons. SCAN0121
The card is not printed. She spent some time drawing this for me. I feel very honoured and I will certainly treasure it.Merry Christmas, everyone! I wish one of these Santa would visit you tonight.

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