knits by sachi

Making goodie bags

on December 23, 2013


These guys are in my goodie bags.

I just love goodie bags. I like receiving them of course, but I enjoy making them, too.

I keep hundreds of transparent candy bags, ribbons and stickers at home so that when I want to make a gift for someone I can always quickly do so.

Here is this year’s goodie bag for Christmas. It has Japanese candies, cookies, chocolates, my handmade knitted charms and the card I made with my design. I like to show the affection to the person with a personal touch.


It doesn’t cost much or doesn’t take a long time to make, but I have fun doing this. All my friends and fitness instructors get one.

If you enjoy a hand craft, it is a good opportunity to show others who you are and what you make. People always appreciate a small gift from you.

Would you like to try?


2 responses to “Making goodie bags

  1. Julie Henn says:

    You are so creative, anyone would love a gift like this! Merry Christmas! =^..^=

    • knitsbysachi says:

      I am glad to know you like the idea. It is fun to make goodie bags and I am going to plan it better next year. Merry Christmas to you, too if I don’t speak to you next two days. I hope you will have fantastic holidays.

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