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Spending holidays alone

on December 22, 2013


I have spent many Christmases alone when I was younger.

I lived in New York and in London, leaving my parents in Japan. My salary was basic and couldn’t afford the high air fares to go see my family. I had also promised to myself that I would not return until I became more successful in my career. I was young and I had my pride.

I didn’t hate spending holidays alone although some people seemed to think it was not the right thing to do. “You can’t be alone on the Christmas day!”. Some said. The first Christmas in England, one of my work colleagues invited me to stay over at his house which he shared with his girl friend and a roommate. We spent Christmas eve eating chestnuts and chocolates while watching his video tape collections.

On the Christmas day, he took me to his parents’ house for dinner. I did feel a little uncomfortable and missed my own parents a little by spending time with someone else’s, but this is certainly one memorable Christmas. I appreciated him for looking after me. He was very thoughtful and kind.

I think he had a real holiday spirit.

It is all right to spend holidays away from your family, thinking about your loved ones. It isn’t too bad to spend time alone. You might feel a little lonely and isolated because all others seem to having fun. But it is just another day. You can enjoyed the freedom. I used to do all the things I wanted to do alone and also, I rewarded myself with the best present I could afford.

And possibly, you might be touched by a warm heart of unexpected someone.

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