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Nativity dolls

on December 20, 2013

Nativity dolls

This is the Nativity set I designed this year.

I usually make one or two Nativity set a year. I have four versions including this one now.
One is made of felt fabric and cotton stockinette. They are stuffed with wool. This is small, simple and easy to make. I would like to publish the template may be next year.

Based on the design above, I knitted a set similar to this one last year.

I have a larger set made with fabric. Human figures are about 10cm in height. The original doll templates come from the book, “Nature Corner” by M. V. Leeuwen (Author) , J. Moeskops (Author) and I improvised them. This is one of my favorite books. I bought it many years ago in Japan and still treasure it. It is translated into many different languages and mine is in Japanese.
The set comes with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, two shepherds, three kings, a donkey, a sheep, an ox and a camel.
The book does not give you templates for animals so I collected them from other sources over the years and changed the sizes to fit into the set.

This year’s knitted Nativity is based on this set.

I found knitting is very versatile. I have worked with many different materials, but yarn is my favorite. Knitted pieces are stretchy and you can create almost anything with yarn.

Making dolls with knitting is a little more difficult than needle felting because you wouldn’t know how the end product would look like until you sew the pieces together. You cannot sculpt as you work. I have many many trials and errors but I think I even enjoy the challenge.

Knitting is so exciting!

2 responses to “Nativity dolls

  1. lmjapan says:

    I love this nativity set! I don’t know how to knit worth a darn but this really makes me want to learn.

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