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Super easy felt ball

on December 19, 2013


This is a super easy craft. These balls are wet felted in a washing machine!

You will need


*30-40g Wool fleece with basic quality (sorry, not shown here)
*30-40g Fleece for wet felting as fine Merino wool in different colours
*Plastic net for food packaging or unwanted pantyhose
* a bell
*a small plastic cup with lid

You may find it easier to work with a small round plastic case as the one from the toy vending machine.

1. Place the bell in a cup and wrap it with fleece with basic quality. Stuffing wool fleece is all right as long as fiber isn’t too short.


Pull the fiber and wrap. Try to make a firm round ball.

2. Wrap with Merino fleece. First tease the fiber and lay thin layers on top of each other.

Teasing fiber

Place on the ball
You don’t need to wrap the ball tightly this time. The ball can be just covered with fluffy layers of fleece. But do be generous with the fleece and wrap until the ball is at least three times of the original size.

3. Place the ball into the net.DSCF5332
and tie the end
You can make more than one at a time.DSCF5336

4. Put the balls into a washing machine with your wash, full cycle with detergent.

5. Take them out of the net and dry. Done!


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