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The lamb backpack.

on December 17, 2013

The lamb backpack.

I fell in love with this backpack I saw in the local spinners’ group exhibition a few years ago.

It was made by my spinner friend. She used the wool fleece from her own sheep she keeps in her back garden (!). She had washed it, carded it, spun it and knitted it. It was beautifully made with lots of love and care. It has the inside lining, too.

She gave me the pattern. I think it came from the book “Vogue knitting on the go”, but I haven’t got around to make myself one yet. It is in my want-to-knit-someday list.

Some spinners in our group have their own sheep. Some keep Angola rabbits, some even spin their dogs’ hair! Very creative.

We saw many talents at the show and attracted many visitors of all ages.



Most knits were made with hand dyed and hand spun yarn.
We also had demonstrations of spinning and weaving.


We can buy inexpensive clothing from high streets these days but you will never find anything so beautiful and in good quality anywhere else. Isn’t it great to make something so unique with your own hands?

And you treasure your creation. The creator of the lamb bag still brings it to the meeting and I still look at it enviously.

We are planning to have another exhibition in 2015. I cannot wait.

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