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Christmas in Japan

on December 14, 2013

Christmas in Japan

My son was too scared of a strange looking man with white beard. He just grabbed the present and ran away as quick as possible!

I cannot believe we have only 10 days to Christmas. Time goes so quickly!

You may feel a little strange, but Christmas day is not a national holiday in Japan. Yes, it is a normal business day and shops, banks, post offices are all open! People work on Christmas day.

We do celebrate Christmas, but it is more for children to have fun and young couples to spend romantic moments.

We have a nice meal on the Christmas Eve usually in Western style as a roasted chicken. And children receive presents from Santa at night.

Here is a photo from one Christmas Eve. We were visiting my husband’s parents in Tokyo.


Very happy memories.


We are very relaxed about religions. We cerebrate the birth at shrines and morn the death in temples.
Some marry in church.

But I think it is all right as long as your God is loving and caring.Now I am ready to enjoy this year’s Christmas!

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