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A homework from an editor

on December 11, 2013

I was asked to do a super short-notice commission from the editor of Knit Now magazine.

The magazine is offering a free tape measure for readers in one of their issues. They would like to make a kit containing a tape measure and the yarn to cover it. They want me to design a tape measure cover with knitting.

We, Japanese, like to cover a lot of things in our house. We have doorknob covers, tissue box covers, rice cooker covers and you name it, everything is covered with covers.

But I didn’t even thought of covering a tape measure. It seems there are a lot of covers made with crochet.

There is a good reason for making a cover with crochet instead of knitting. With knitting, it is easy to make a square but difficult to cover a round object. And the cover has to have an opening for the tape end. It could be a challenge.

I am allowed to use DK yarn in 2 colours – about 15m of one colour, 5m of another colour.

The tape measure arrived by special delivery. They must be in a big hurry.

So I made this.


The bow is the tape end. If you pull the bow, the tape comes out. What do you think? I hope the editor will like it. I just posted it yesterday.

It was a fun project. I want to do it again.

I will let you know more about the issue when I find out.

4 responses to “A homework from an editor

  1. Julie Henn says:

    I LOVE it!! And, I’m sure the editor will love it too! You are so CLEVER!!!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Very well done! What a quick thinker you are.

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