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Creating pictures

on December 8, 2013

Creating pictures

One summer, I offered needle felting workshops at a local farm in Surry.

The farm is made into a theme park and children get to play with animals. It had a large play area and my children used to enjoy running around the field or trying out the climbing frames.

And it has a spinning room where my spinner friends demonstrate the skill. They show you the process of making raw wool fleece into a jumper!

I borrowed a little corner of the room and invited visitors to join making needle felted pictures. I attracted many children and they made fantastic works to bring home. But surprisingly, very few adults wanted to join the fun.

I understand how it is being a mum with small children. When my boys were very young I didn’t want to do anything unnecessary. If someone else could look after my kids even just for a little while, I wanted to grab a chance and take a break from child minding.

But I think another reason I didn’t have many adult students was many grown-ups were not too keen or even afraid of expressing themselves.

Just like singing in front of people is daunting, showing your drawing takes a little courage.

But you don’t have to show your creations to anyone if you don’t want to. It is so much fun to create something with your own ideas.

I did these pictures for fun. I thought they would look lovely in my workroom.


This can be a nice decoration for a kids’ room.


And this.


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