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St. Nicholas Day

on December 6, 2013

St. Nicholas Day

Today is the St. Nicholas day.

I didn’t know at all about this celebration until my sons joined Steiner kindergarten in Britain some years ago. On the 5th of December, they came home and told me excitedly that they need to leave some cookies and wellies (?) by our unused fire place. St. Nicholas is visiting us at night.

My sons wrote short notes for him, too. It is not a letter requesting what they want but simply hello and thank you.

I thought it was so sweet. If someone tried to take away their innocence, I would not know what I would do.

In the morning, they found the cookies half eaten and a couple of chocolate coins on the plate.

I do like the big Santa on the 24th, but I like this St. Nicholas, too.

Here, I knitted him with his Dutch companion Black Peter. I do know there is a controversy over this little fellow, but I just thought St. Nicholas looked rather lonely without reindeer or elves.

Happy St. Nicholas Day.

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