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My article #2

on December 3, 2013


I received a copy of Juno magazine from the editor yesterday.

It was a pleasant surprise for me. I had sent a knitting pattern but wasn’t too sure if it would be in it. I needed to supply the photo with the article, but my compact camera had a limitation. I was afraid that the editor discarded the article due to the poor quality of the photos.

The pattern is to make these little ones.


I know I need to upgrade my camera. I have been struggling to take nice photos in dark British winter.

But the editor has done a fantastic art work! I am so pleased.


It is done in a retro sort of style and the photos actually work very nicely. The colour theme matches the dolls’ outfits. I am very impressed.

The Juno magazine can be posted to anywhere in the world. It is a fantastic parenting magazine.
Or you can buy the digital edition from the app store.

2 responses to “My article #2

  1. Julie Henn says:

    Fantastic! It certainly is well presented, you must be very pleased!

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