knits by sachi

Fun with wool

on December 2, 2013


It is utterly amazing how versatile wool is. It is a great gift from the nature.

There are many different kind of synthetic fibers, but nothing compares to wool. I just love it.

We don’t have very many sheep in Japan. Raising farm animals takes so much space and we don’t even have enough space for people in our islands.

The first time when I learned about felting I was way into my 30’s. I didn’t know that wool fleece felts with soap and hot water until then.

I made this snowman and the Santa with wet felting. I wrapped a large polyethylene egg with a few layers of merino wool and wet felted with a chocolate scented shower cream. It smelled fantastic in the kitchen!

A great thing about this project is when you release the egg, you cut the felt right at the middle all around. This means you can make two snowmans or two Santas at a time! For the Santa’s head, I wet felted another ball with fair skin tone fleece. For the hat, I wrapped a chestnut with tin foil and wrapped red fleece and felted it. You dry them over a radiator and just add a few bits onto them.

And I use these guys to keep my boiled eggs warm.

Very useful Christmas ornaments.

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