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My magazine article

on November 16, 2013


I got this from a book shop yesterday. I cannot tell you how exciting to see your work on a magazine rack.

I made a pattern to knit polar bears, one mummy bear and two baby bears. Originally I made crochet stars to go with them and call the set “Wishing upon a star”, but I guess the editors didn’t want to include crochet in a knitting magazine. But the article still look very nice.


The magazine comes with a bear making kit. I love the way it is done.


Editors even showing step-by-step tutorials in their blog.

It was still July when I got this job and I had to use a bit of an imagination for a cold winter. But it is getting cold. I am sure the little bears will lighten up your day.

My next article will be out in spring. It is still a secret, but I will not disappoint you.

10 responses to “My magazine article

  1. Congratulations. They look so cute with their scarves. I will show son as he has knitted a polar bear.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Congrats! I’ll have to look for the magazine here. Cheryl

  3. Julie Henn says:

    Congratulations Sachi, you must be so excited and proud, and with a book in progress, your career as book writer and publisher is well on its way. There are many pattern creators out there, but your patterns are so quirky and unique that I’m sure you are going to have a huge following. And to do this all in English is admirable. You are obviously blessed with enormous talent and it gives me great pleasure to read your blog and follow your progress. Julie =^..^=

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