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My journey to become a book writer

on November 15, 2013

My journey to become a book writer

I wish my gnomes look after my garden while I sit comfortably in front of the PC!

I am on the journey to become a book writer. I am writing a knitting patterns of little animals which is due out next summer. You may have seen the photo on my first blog post.

I sent out my proposition last summer. I had never published a pattern before, let alone a book. I had been creating for many years but writing was totally out of my comfort zone. And in English? No way. I struggle enough with my own language.

But as I create the series of animal patterns, I thought it would make a lovely book. It would be something I wanted to have myself a few years ago. Book writing is another form of art. I wanted to create a book with my creations.

Did I know how to start? Of course not. Did I know someone in publishing? Again, no. So what did I do? You guessed it, I Googled it.

I found the names of craft book publishers and went on their websites. Some of them did not want to see your ideas without an agent, but some were more open to new writers.

I followed the guidelines of a proposition.

I wrote

* Synopsis (brief summary of the book); I stressed that the idea was new and would not find anywhere else.

* Table of contents; I showed I had planned the book well.

* Photos of my works for the book; I tried to make them look well styled and professional as much as I could.
I also arranged them in two pages neatly.

* About myself; I had no links believe or not. No Facebook, no website, no blogs then. I wished I had these.

I put them all in one file. I didn’t think the editor wanted to open one attachment after another.

And I sent it by an e-mail.

I must have been very lucky. I received a positive reply right away.

When you read about how to publish a book, you notice there is this underlying message of “Good luck, but it’s tough”.

I guess it is tough because you need to have good contents. But it may be tougher to find someone who sees your potential. I believe it takes a talent to spot a talent.

To be honest, there was a Oh-no-what-have-I-done? moment after the idea was accepted. But the editors knew that I hadn’t done this before, yes? So I decided to trust them. They will guide me through this. No worries.

My photo shoots are scheduled next week.

I can hardly wait

6 responses to “My journey to become a book writer

  1. Beth says:

    I wish you the very best of luck in your publishing adventure! Your work is outstanding; I’m happy it will be available to many in book form (me included!)


  2. Carol says:

    I too will be so excited when your does finally come out. I just love your creations and look forward to seeing how you put things together. I have thought about writing a book before but have been a little intimidated so good for you having the courage to try it out!!!

  3. creative pixie says:

    Exciting stuff – I’d love to have a craft book published. I look forward to seeing what you come up with as your work is amazing!

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