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Lucky Bunny

on November 13, 2013

Lucky Bunny

I take a part in craft fairs once or twice a year around the Christmas time usually at Steiner schools.

I sell my animals, dolls and other small items in my stall. Recently because I am more focused on pattern writing, many of my creations are not for sale. But I still have lots of samples and left over items from previous years.

The stall last year looked like this.



I enjoy having stalls. I get to know what attracts customers. It is a good opportunity for a market research.

And of course, I love receiving nice comments on my works. People ooh and aah when they see my little creations. It is a great confident and motivation booster.

But the best of all, I can put smile on their faces. I like making others happy as well as myself.

Last year, there was a lady who came up to me and said she treasured the little bunny I sold her the year before.
She said she recently became ill and needed to have a rather difficult operation. She felt very scared and alone, she said. But she carried my little bunny in her pajama pocket all the time. She told me the bunny gave her strength and comfort.

Isn’t that something?

It meant me a lot.

I think I have a good reason to pursue my career as a designer.

The bunnies pattern is available through Etsy;

and Ravelry

6 responses to “Lucky Bunny

  1. Betty boivin says:

    Everything is beautiful! I wish xmas was 3more months away!!! Does anyone sell time in a box????

  2. Your knits are sooo beautiful. X

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