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Japanese lunch box

on November 7, 2013

Japanese lunch box

We, Japanese spend a lot of time doing what seems meaningless to people in other countries.

We spend 9 years to learn how to read and write our own language. We have 51 basic letters like alphabets in two styles, and we need to memorize about 2000 Chinese symbols by the time we finish secondary school.

And we make Bento.

You might have heard of the word. It means a packed lunch box. But it is not just sandwiches and potato crisps. It is a very well planed meal usually rice based and some cooked vegetables and meats accompanied.

I used to make them every morning for my kids and my husband. A lot of mums in Japan do this. Some decorates with cut out Nori or sea weed sheets, sausagess or colourful vegetables. It certainly is a work of art.

My boys really enjoyed lunch time at their primary school. Some of their friends wanted to have Bentos, too, and I did make extra for their friends sometimes. It is fantastic to bring a lunch box packed with love as well as nutrients. Love is the best nutrient.

Now my boys are older and going through adolescence. They just want simple sandwiches like their mates. It is a bit of a shame, but they still treasure the memories of Bentos.

Would you like to have a go at making one? I may show you how one day.


And of course, I knitted one.

4 responses to “Japanese lunch box

  1. Julie Henn says:

    It looks delicious – an edible art creation!

  2. Lisa M says:

    Forget the sandwiches! That looks delicious!

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