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Boys cross stitch, too!

on November 6, 2013

Boys cross stitch, too!

This is made by my son at the age of 10.

My children grew up without watching much of television, let alone computer games.

When we moved to England 10 years ago, we decided not to buy a television. “So, what is your furniture facing to?” some joked, but this was probably the best thing I did as a parent.

Boys spent a lot of time looking at picture books, drawing, baking and some handcraft.

You don’t expect boys like sewing or knitting? Are those girly stuff? You don’t want your boys to do girly stuff?

But believe me, it is much better than killing virtual enemies in computer games.

My boys enjoyed cross stitching after bath. We would sit quietly and cross stitch. They found it was a bit like solving a puzzle.

Using your hands to create something is great. It certainly takes your mind off worries and immediate concerns.

It is a therapy.

My boys have a long attention span. They have been doing well in school.

So, if you want your kids to get smart, forget getting private tutors. Get rid of televisions, PCs, mobile phones and computer games.

And start stitching.


3 responses to “Boys cross stitch, too!

  1. jenniesisler says:

    This is great to read. Honestly, back in the day, men had to know how to sew and stuff like that since the sailors and the soldiers had no women around to do their mending for them…who says cross stitch is women’s work? I consider it painting with thread, and my nephew wanted me to teach hima few years back and seemed to enjoy it. He doesn’t have much time now with school work and afterschool activities, but he never considered it “girly.” I love the colors and the patchwork design. Very lovely.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, boys should at least given a chance to try, and a funny thing is there are a lot of male top designers.
      But it is also true that there are many top designers who cannot sew. I think that cost them a lot.
      My boys had a go at knitting and crochet. They did a lot of hand craft at young age. My older son draws very well now. I will show you some time if you haven’t seen the post on my Facebook.

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