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Chocolate steamed buns

on November 4, 2013


In Asia, we often make steamed buns. You might have seen in Chinese dim sums the savory versions but you can make sweet bums and cupcakes in the same manner.

I think one of the reasons steamed cupcakes are popular in our country is we didn’t have ovens in households long time ago. Our house didn’t have one when I was a child. Ovens take space and our cooking style do not require them too often. Many families still do not have one in their kitchens.

Have you tried making a cake steaming? You can make a cake in an electric rice cooker, too!

Great thing about steamed buns are

Quick and easy. No dough proofing, no pre-heating.

No oil or egg is added to the sponge. You can go virtually fat free.

You can improvise the recipe easily. You can make vegan version or non-gluten version.

To make double chocolate steamed buns, you need

120g flour
40g sugar
1&1/2 tsp baking powder
130ml milk
2 tbsp cocoa powder
40g chocolate pieces
(makes 8)

Mix all ingredients. Drop the dough in cups (silicone cups may be better).

Steam first 3 minutes over high heart, drop to medium heat and steam 12 more minutes. Done.

I use bamboo steamer. I think you can use electric steamer, too.
Be careful not to scorch yourself when you open the lid.

2 responses to “Chocolate steamed buns

  1. Charisma says:

    That’s so interesting and they look really good too!

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