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Penguins don’t live on the North Pole

on November 3, 2013

Penguins don't live on the North Pole

One thing great about having children is you get to experience many things again. You get to live your life again.

You get to discover chocolate is sweet and sticky. You get to enjoy snow melts on your hand.

You get to go to a park, play in the sandpit. You can climb the climbing frames, you can go on a swing.

Without making yourself look strange to other people.

It is a bit like watching your favorite movie with someone who hasn’t seen it.

I enjoyed going to animal parks and aquariums when my children were young. Until then I didn’t know that

* Killer whales are not whales, they are dolphins.

* Black panthers are same as leopards and they have dots.

* Saber tooth cat is not an ancestor of our big cats.

* Sharks attack surfers because surfers look like turtles from underwater.

* Penguins do not live on the North Pole.

Did you know all that?

And I got all inspirations for my crafts.

Life is utterly wonderful.

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