knits by sachi

10 minutes craft idea

on November 2, 2013

Felted balls

felt ball 0

This project is a good one for a very beginner to start needle felting 3-D objects. I used to make a lot of these for a Christmas fair at my sons’ school.

You need;
coloured wool fleece for needle felting
a Coloured string and a little bell
felting needle

Please see my previous post on Felt picture if you are not familiar with materials and tools.

Step 1. You roll the fleece to make it into a small ball. Pinch the edge or the fleece and start rolling.

felt ball 5

felt ball 6

felt ball 7

Hold the small ball with left hand fingers and hold the fleece on the right. Pull down the fleece on the right hand and roll the ball, wrapping with thin new layer of the fleece.

felt ball 7

Step 2 Stab with needle. Remember to stab vertically to the mat.

felt ball 8

After a few stabbing, the fleece felts.

felt ball9

Step 3. Add thin stripes on the ball. Tear small amount of fleece, stretch it around the ball and stab with a needle.
Add as many stripes as you would like.

felt ball 10

felt ball 12

Step 4. Add a string and a little bell if desired.

felt ball 13

felt ball 11

So, what do you think?

I felt like picking up a felt needle after watching Woolly Felters photo session yesterday.

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