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A sweet Christmas gift

on October 30, 2013

A sweet Christmas gift

Some of knitters may spend run-up Christmas frantically making gifts for others.

It is so fun to make presents. You wonder what they would appreciate, shop materials for the project, and think of them while you knit.

When words are not enough, your hand made gifts will certainly help to tell them how you feel.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, well made or not.

One Christmas my mum knitted this vest for my son.

I guess this is a very granny thing. A mother of a toddler thinks more practical and won’t make this, because

1. The child will outgrow so quickly and won’t be able to fit in the following year.
2. His brother can’t wear it because he got a different name. (One-year-old can’t read, I know, but still)

But I absolutely loved it!

My mum had re-used the yarn from my old jumper. I liked that, too. No wonder it looked a bit familiar.

When I think of it now, I guess she knitted this vest for me. It was for me to dress my son and admire how cute he looked in it.

Do I still have it? Of course! It is in my memorabilia box with all my other treasures.

Oh, you know what? If my son named his son Junior one day, my grand son could wear that.

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