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Believing in myself

on October 24, 2013

Believing in myself

Past few years I got myself involved in so many craft. I did

Dress making
Waldorf doll making
hand dyeing
spinning yarn
wet felting
needle felting
paper craft
Japanese doll making
Sushi making

Some said I spend a lot of time making most useless things.
I did wonder where I was going. And still, I cannot say I am 100% sure of my directions.
But it is a part of life isn’t it? A fun part of life.

I decided to believe in my talent.

One day, things will come together. It may not today or tomorrow, but it will come. To everyone.

To help me develop,

* I have mentors.

One is my mother who enjoys her life to full extent. She is very good at sewing, hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet. She is a fantastic cook, too.

Martha Stewart. I always wanted to be like her!

Having mentors gives you an idea on what you would like to achieve in your life.

* I take all records.

I am taking photos of my works and keep all patterns and recipes.

* I create something no one has ever done.

Forget the pain of trials and errors. All experiences are important and no time is wasted.

* I am to be always creative and looking out for new ideas.

2 responses to “Believing in myself

  1. splash883 says:

    Great job!

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