knits by sachi

Finding your new talent at 70

on October 18, 2013

My mum was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) a few years ago. It is a rare condition which affects many parts of the body, particularly the bone marrow. Her body cannot produce healthy blood, missing some types of white blood cells.

My parents used enjoy walking and mountain climbing. They started it together in their 50’s and traveled and climbed almost all the popular mountains in Japan. They had just bought a set of new gears to step up their game; camping tools and 65-litre backpacks.

Then, mum’s illness was found.

I cannot fathom the extent of what they had to go through. And of course they had to give up their passion for climbing. Mum was in and out of hospital for a while, but even after she was released they needed to be pretty much homebound.

But Dad kept his spirit up and found a new hobby; wood working.

My dad wasn’t really creative when he was younger and had never tried this before, but suddenly he started making something in his shed. He started with small frames and boxes, then, moved on to small furniture. When I visited my parents last time, I saw many of his creations. There was a towel dispenser by the sink, a cutlery box which perfectly fits to the kitchen drawer. And there was a stool my mum can perch on while she supervises his cooking.

Every each item was full of love for someone he truly loves.

And my mum? She enjoys sewing for the house. You can imagine their home is getting prettier every day.

Being creative keeps you young. Hand craft helps you go through the very difficult time in your life, and sometimes, it helps people bound stronger.

I want to keep on creating, and I am sure you do, too.

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