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I may be a late bloomer

on October 16, 2013

I may be a late bloomer and I hope that I am, because that means that I am going to bloom.
I took up knitting after my second son was born. That is 14 years ago. I couldn’t knit a stitch until then. I was just starting this Waldorf doll making course and, I needed to make some outfits for the doll. That is how everything started. My knitting.
When my sons were old enough to spend their days at kindergarten, I was quite often asked this; ” So, what do you do?”
Mums I knew were returning to work, taking courses or starting their own business. And I was making dolls.
I should have thought ‘I am very fortunate to get to stay home and be creative. My husband makes good money and I don’t need to work. Why do I have to work?’
Well, but I didn’t. I felt I was getting left behind. I lost self-esteem.

I worked in City and Wall street before I got married. Sounds impressive? Yes, I think I had a proper job with proper salary. May be I could call it a career. But I didn’t dreamed of returning to that with two young children at home. It wasn’t a job I enjoyed anyway.

So, I decided to work local, I became a swimming teacher. I went on courses and get ASA Level 1 and 2 swimming teacher qualifications. I enjoyed learning process but unfortunately, I soon discovered the job wasn’t really for me. It took me a little courage to quit the job this time after all that training, but I told myself that I didn’t waste any time. It is all right to have a kind of progress which moves, well, backwards.

I had never stopped creating. During the short swimming teacher career I was still making toys and dolls and managing one Christmas stall a year which received very well. I started to think I may have a talent in this, and if I did, I wanted to have a go.

I decided to do the job only I can do and no one else.

I focus on creating and invest my time. Time is the most luxurious investment.
And one by one, I started to do something new. I taught myself basic computing with help from my son ( I was computer illiterate). I created shops online, made Facebook page, joined Ravelry and publishing patterns. With small courage, I am coming out of my comfort zone and making my world slightly bigger each time.
This blog is totally out of my comfort zone, too, but I will make it in my comfort zone.

It is a bit like writing a diary. I will write my thoughts, knitting and sewing patterns, cooking recipes and happiness recipes.Little twin mice

4 responses to “I may be a late bloomer

  1. Connie says:

    Hi Sachi! Thanks for stretching beyond your comfort zone and sharing your story about developing your creative passion. I appreciate and love your sweet little stuffies even more now. I’m really looking forward to the happiness recipes and to seeing your future blog links on Facebook.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comment, Connie. You have given me motivation. I will try and make my blogs fun.

      • knitsbysachi says:

        Dear Ana-Marie,
        Thank you very much for your kind comment and support. I would like to encourage people to get involved in hand making. You get to know about a lot of things in your life and also about yourself, don’t you think? My knitting and doll making has been helping me go through difficult time, too. But the best thing of all is I get to know someone like you.
        I would like to write about a lot of many different things. I always appreciate your opinion.
        Thank you again.

  2. Sachi, you are an inspiration. I too did the same thing when my girls were little. Now as a grandmother , I am once again relying on my crafting talents and trying to learn some new ones. I will be following you and looking forward to your inspirations. Your parents are amazing!

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